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"Fachys ykal ar ataiin shol shory cthorys y kor sholdy. Sory ckhar ory kain shtaiin shar ary cthar cthar dana. Syaiir sheky or ykaiin shod cthoary cthes daraiin sa. Oiin oteey otear roloty cthaar daiin okaiin or okan. Sair y chear cthaiin cphar cfhaiin." - Ydaraishy.

"Odar o shy shol cphoy oydar sh s cfhoaiin shodary. Yshey shody okcho y otchol chocthy os chy dain chor kos. Daiin shos cfhol shod." - Dain os teody.

"Ydain cphesaiin ol s cphey ytain shoshy cphodal es. Oksho kshoy otairin oteol okan shodain sckhey daiin. Shoy ckhey kodaiin cphy cphodaiils cthey she oldain d. Dain oiin chol odaiin chodain chdy okain dan cthy kod. Daiin shckhey ckheor chor shey kol chol chol kor chal. Sho chol sh odan kshy kchy dor chodaiin sho keeam. Ycho tchey chokain sheo pshol dydyd cthy daicthy. Yto shol she kodshey cphealy das!ain dain ckhyds. Dchar shcthaiin okaiir chey rchy potol cthols dlocto. Shok chor chey dain ckhey." - Otol daiiin.

"Cpho shaiin shokcheey chol tshodeesy shey pydeey chy ro d. Ydoin chol dain cthal dar shear kaiin dar shey cthear. Echo kaiin shoaiin okol daiin far cthol daiin ctholdar. Ycheey okay oky daiin okchey kokaiin chol kchy dal. Dcheo shody kochey cthy okchey keey keey dal chtor. Cheor chol chok choty chotey." - Dchaiin


What at first appear to be highly decorated capitals on paragraphs 2 and 3 are actually images, or weirdo characters (they are sometimes called doodles).

  • The first is like a K rotated 90º anticlockwise; the tails are longer than the bar though. It is a dark reddish brown.
  • The second is like the first but smaller and with a squiggly line above it.


  • The text capitals F on the first paragraph and Cph on the fourth are decorated - the P extends over nearly the entire word.
  • Unlike other pages in Q1 this has no image in it. Speculation suggests it's some sort of "intro".
  • Spec suggests that the doodles are actually capitals which are unique, or a "test".
  • Spec suggests that "Ydaraishy", "dain os teody", "Otol" and "Dchaiin" are some sort of quote attribution.